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About Heitman Analytics

Heitman Analytics has been North America’s most trusted mortgage reporting resource for more than 30 years. We provide financial professionals with the most accurate retail and correspondent mortgage rates, volume, fees, competitive intelligence analysis and reporting. From industry-wide data aggregation to specific topical and regional analysis of mortgage pricing, Heitman Analytics helps you make the most informed real-time lending and pricing decisions with the highest degree of certainty.

On a daily basis our reports actively track the movement of scores of lenders and analyze thousands of adjustments and rate sheet price points. Heitman Analytics then packages and delivers the resulting pricing reports for:

  • Single-Family Retail & Volume
  • Correspondent Lending
  • Consumer Loan Products
  • Loan Fee
  • Custom requests

Over the past 30 years, Heitman Analytics has become the industry leader in mortgage analytics reporting by combining competitive pricing, volume and credit policy analysis in more than 50 major markets across the US, and delivering it immediately to our clients in the field. We also compare historical executed pricing data and integrate it into our reports, which gives you a “streetwise” insight into daily mortgage pricing activity.

Learn more about how Heitman Analytics can help you make mortgage pricing decisions with confidence and stay ahead of the competition. Contact us for a complimentary trial period.