Heitman Analytics Reports

At Heitman Analytics, financial professionals can review retail, wholesale and correspondent single-family mortgage pricing reports on a daily basis, with mid-day price changes. The reports track the activity of scores of lenders and analyze thousands of adjustments and rate sheet price points on a daily basis. This gives you the assurance that you’re evaluating real-time data to make the most informed lending and pricing decisions.

On a quarterly basis, Heitman Analytics prepares broad mortgage product guidelines and risk-based adjuster data summaries. (Risk based adjuster summaries are updated weekly)

When you need competitive information fast you can easily browse our mortgage pricing data with intelligent filtering options, such as:

  • Volume
  • Product
  • Channel
  • LTV
  • Amount
  • Lender
  • Market
  • FICO

Heitman Analytics helps lenders, brokers and agents make informed lending decisions by providing real-time mortgage pricing reports and risk based policy analysis. The keys to our firm’s success and endurance lie in the quality and depth of our reporting and the methods we have established to aggregate competitive mortgage pricing and volume data.

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