Analytic Reports

Heitman Analytics provides a wide array of in-depth analytical studies to answer many of today’s challenging mortgage market questions. We pride ourselves on working with you, through every step of the process, to ensure the answers we provide are the most relevant to your business. Our research can be crucial in helping you make decisions in many areas including: Volume Control, Market Entry Strategies, Pricing, Internal Efficiencies, Identifying Potential Markets, Risk Exposure and Competitive Positioning.

Price Elasticity Report

Heitman Analytics Price Elasticity Report analyzes how sensitive your customers are to your rate movements. You will receive a specific dollar amount response for every change in mortgage rate for each product requested. The analysis is based on historical data, and uses a variety of statistical tools to provide you the most relevant data. This report will give you valuable information when determining specific price points and a better means to forecast future volume.

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Market Sensitivity Report

Heitman Analytics Market Sensitivity Report compares your bank's pricing and volume trends against the backdrop of your specific market. Not only does this report provide you with market trends and information, but takes the analysis a step further with quantitative interpretations. This report can be used to provide a much more accurate understanding of where your bank fits within the market as a whole.

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Market Reaction Report

Heitman Analytics Market Reaction Report provides a new dimension for understanding the market. This report will show the lagged effects of rate changes on volume. You will be able to see, for each specified product, how a change in rate will affect volume for the following days. This report can improve the timing for your bank’s pricing decisions.

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Buy Up/Buy Down Reports

Heitman Analytics Buy Up/Buy Down Reports compare top lenders graphically and quantitatively on their pricing strategies. Each lender has a reported par rate, and marginal sell and buy point benefit established through analysis of actual quoted rates. This report will enable you to compare your bank more explicitly against others as well as detect changes in pricing strategies quickly and accurately.

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Executive Pricing Summaries

Cross Bank Comparison of base rates in different markets and products on both a regional and national level.

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Market Price Movement Report

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Short Trend Report

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